Bye Bye Bloat Cancer Warning Explained

November 27, 2022
2 min read

Bye Bye Bloat provides bloating and gas relief and promotes healthy digestion. The supplement is gluten-free, dairy-free, and made with many organic ingredients. Because it is made of natural supplements, it also comes with a P65 Warning. It comes with a caution printed-

“Cancer and Reproductive Harm”

bye bye bloat cancer warning

In response to this, Bye Bye Bloat officials have answered their customers on their amazon product pages. We have picked the summary of their response, which seemed logical to us.

Bye Bye Bloat collects ingredients directly from the earth. This is why there are chances that their product might contain some metal such as Cadmium as well. There is a strong link between Cadmium and cancer since this metal and its compounds are highly toxic. Although as long as it’s not in high doses or taken over long periods of time, one should be fine. It is impossible to control every chemical and mineral component of every ingredient that comes from the ground.

It is an established law in California to put this P65 warning label on every natural supplement. As another natural supplement, Bye Bye Bloat also has it. It is not specific to Bye bye bloat only. No matter how big or how small of a percentage of Cadmium is in a product, California law states you must always include this warning. Even restaurants and retailers have it posted at the door.

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