Does Sleeping Without a Pillow Help Increase Height?

October 30, 2022
3 min read

Sleeping without a pillow does not help to increase your height directly, but it does help indirectly.

Whether you sleep with a pillow or without a pillow, you cannot cross the height that is determined by your genes. There are certain issues that can put obstacles to reaching your maximum height. Issues like malnutrition, chronic illness, hormonal diseases, not having enough sleep, less physical activity, stress, etc.

So, as you can see, getting enough sleep is important in increasing height. Pillows do play a significant role in your sleep. We cannot even imagine sleeping without pillows. Whereas sleeping without a pillow can improve your sleep posture and the alignment of your neck. Straightening the neck and shoulders might make you look taller if you’re prone to slouching.

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Top 3 Benefits of sleeping without a Pillow

Prevents Neck Pain

It is important to keep our necks aligned with the bed while we sleep. In contrast, when we sleep with our heads on pillows, our heads either push our necks upward or bend them down, causing neck pain. Sleeping on the wrong pillow can worsen your posture. You can try sleeping without a pillow occasionally, if not regularly. The head will rest in its natural position without a pillow, which prevents nerve damage. Additionally, it will ease the tension in your neck muscles.

Improves Bone Alignment

Those who sleep on their front can benefit from sleeping without a pillow. It can ease back and neck pain by keeping the spine and neck in alignment. However, it may be a bad idea for some. People who sleep on their side or stomach might face neck and back pain if they try to sleep without a pillow.

Improves Your Posture

Sleeping on thick pillows can cause your neck to curve over time, and the curve becomes permanent. As a result, your posture gets affected. It depends on the posture of each individual and how the daily pillow usage affects them.

By sleeping without a pillow, you will be able to decrease the effects of this and restore your posture to its normal state.


We hope you are pretty certain now about how pillows can affect the increase of your height. Sleeping without pillows has certain benefits that help you reach your maximum height. But, you can reach there even using your pillows. Our aim was not to discourage people from using pillows. Instead, we tried to picture a balanced view.

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