How Much Zinc Are There is in Every Zicam® Tablet or lozenge?

October 30, 2022
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On December 6, 2010, LA Times published an article on Zicam (1). Where they revealed although the label doesn’t say how much zinc is in the product, a customer service representative reached by phone said each lozenge contains 10 mg. of zinc. Which is a little less than what you’d get from a typical multivitamin.

Users are instructed to dissolve one lozenge in the mouth as soon as they notice cold symptoms, then take another lozenge every three hours until the symptoms disappear.

A 2011 Concordia College Journal of Analytical Chemistry study (Determination of Zn2+ in Zicam and Multivitamins Using Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy)(2) confirmed that Zicam has 11.05mg of zinc per tablet.

What is Zinc?

Shellfish, red meat, nuts and seeds, beans, and dairy products are natural sources of zinc. Almost everybody cell contains zinc, which plays an important role in metabolism and cellular activity.

Our bodies cannot store zinc. That is the reason we must consume zinc-containing foods and supplements to meet our daily needs. Zinc is also present in homeopathic medications such as Zicam® cold remedies, which shorten the common cold’s duration and help relieve nasal congestion.

How Does ZICAM Help With Colds?

Mediation/ Tablets to be exact9.2
Homeopathic Remedies8.1

Zicam® is different from most other cold remedies because it shortens colds rather than temporarily relieving symptoms. Zicam’s quick-dissolving zinc tablets can shorten colds when taken at the earliest sign of illness. Elderberry is also included to relieve cold symptoms.

  • Zinc-based homeopathic quick-dissolve tablets can shorten colds when taken at the first sign of illness.
  • In addition to tasting great, Elderberry Citrus RapidMelts® relieves cold symptoms as well
  • The tablets take only a few seconds to dissolve in the mouth.
  • Perfect for on-the-go
  • It does not cause drowsiness or habit formation
  • #1 Brand Recommended by Pharmacists
  • Cold Shortening Brand #1




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