Pros and Cons of Amazon Prime You Need to Know

December 29, 2021
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Prime is more than just free shipping. Amazon Prime delivers over 100 million products for free. In addition, many customers can now take advantage of free one- and two-day shipping. In most parts of the world, this plan has been well received.

Globally, Amazon Prime has approximately 100 million subscribers. So how does Amazon Prime work? Prime is Amazon’s program to provide members with free two-day shipping and prime day discounts, as well as instant entertainment.

After analyzing the whole system of Amazon Prime, we have sorted out the pros and cons of amazon prime that our reader will find helpful.


  1. Special Deals Access: Prime Members have early access (30 minutes early) to Amazon Lightning Deals, which feature high-tech and fashion products at deeply discounted prices.
  2. Movies and TV Shows: Tens of thousands of movies and TV shows are available instantly with membership, including Amazon originals. In addition, it’s possible to watch from your home on your computer, Fire TV, or other compatible devices.
  3. Music: Over 1 million songs, dozens of playlists, and hundreds of stations are available with Prime Music.
  4. Amazon Cloud Drive: You can store as many photos as you want in Amazon Cloud Drive.
  5. Twitch and Gaming: In addition to free Twitch channel subscriptions, members also receive in-game items and games for free.
  6. Kindle Library: Prime Reading has replaced the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Over 1,000 books, magazines, comics, and other items are available for Prime members. Users can access these products through Kindle, Fire tablets, and free Kindle apps for iOS and Android.
  7. Save On Pharmacy Items: Members can now compare pharmacy prices with over 60,000 other pharmacies, a recent addition to the Prime benefits roster. Alternatively, you can use your preferred pharmacy’s Prime Rx Savings card to order directly from Amazon.
  8. Amazon Grocery: Prime members can order groceries online through Amazon’s grocery delivery service. The service was previously $15/month but is now part of Prime.
  9. Amazon Fresh: Whole Foods delivers groceries to Prime members just like Amazon Fresh. Since the packages are packed in different locations, it is not possible to combine the two deliveries. However, you can schedule pickups in addition to delivery, which is free. Whether shopping online or in-person, Prime members receive an additional 10 percent off everything except alcohol. In addition, Prime members have access to special deals and sales.
  10. Mobile App: You can download a mobile app through your Amazon Prime account to shop for groceries, gifts, and food from local stores and restaurants from early in the morning to late at night, seven days a week. Deliveries can be made for free within approximately two hours or one hour for a fee. In addition, the service is available in select areas for restaurants affiliated with Amazon, and delivery is free within an hour of ordering.
  11. Amazon Family: Through the site’s Subscribe & Save service, you can save 20 percent on diapers, and you can also save 15 percent on eligible products from your baby registry.
  12. Amazon Household: To save money on membership fees, you and your partner should create an Amazon Household. It’s possible to add up to 4 teens and four children onto the plan. Parents must approve teens’ purchases before they can shop. In addition, parents can control parental controls on Fire tablets, Kindle E-readers, and Fire TV through Kindle FreeTime by adding children.
  13. Amazon Key: Amazon introduced Amazon Key in 2017 to let couriers deliver packages even if you’re not at home. Additionally, Amazon delivers packages directly to your car if the vehicle was made by a Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, or Volvo after 2015.
  14. Amazon Day: A new Prime membership benefit was added in 2019 by Amazon. Consumers can schedule deliveries through Amazon Day. Alternatively, you can instruct Amazon to deliver packages every Friday if you know you’ll be home. When an item is needed sooner, it can still be delivered one day or two days later. Amazon can also consolidate items into fewer boxes and reduce the number of trips to your home, reducing its carbon footprint. By 2030, the company plans to make 50 percent of its shipments carbon-neutral.


The benefits of Amazon Prime may not be worth it in every situation. First, it is essential to know how often you shop on Amazon. You may not use many of the services a membership offers if you do not place many orders or don’t think you will use all of them.

  1. Music access is limited: As compared to Google Play Music, access to music is more expensive. Furthermore, Amazon Prime offers less access than other providers.
  2. Buyers get addicted to buying useless stuff: Since items can be ordered and delivered quickly, members may feel tempted to buy things they don’t need. Others may buy more stuff to earn discounts and are benefits but in return more spending by subscribed members.
  3. User Testing may be complex: It’s difficult for a person to test online items, unlike testing physically available items in a shop nearby.
  4. Unavailability: Amazon is not yet available in many cities, so many people still don’t have access to its services.
  5. Only favors active members: Big benefits are usually only enjoyed by those who use Amazon constantly or regularly when making purchases.

That is all for today. We will get back soon with some more tips on some other topics soon. Take Care!

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