What are the Differences Between Sig Sauer SOR50000 vs SOR52001

November 12, 2022
1 min read

This is an often asked question by the user of Sig Sauer. We have done the hard work for you. We have analyzed both of these and gathered all the differences between them. The differences are not many.

Sig Sauer SOR50000Sig Sauer SOR52001
Style:Hunting Sight AirsoftQuick Target Acquisition Speed Sight
Item Dimensions:2.47 x 1.5 x 1.52 inches4.72 x 3.03 x 0.76 inches
Sport Type:AirsoftHunting, Airsoft, Tactical & Military
Mount:Comes only with the 1.41″ mountIt comes with both low and 1.41″ mounts
Battery Life:50,000+ Hours40,000+ Hours
Weather Resistant:NoYes
Water Resistant:NoYes (IPX-7 rated)

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