What Are The Side Effects of Copper Pillows?

October 17, 2022
2 min read

Copper pillows are becoming very popular these days because they offer many health benefits. They claim to improve sleep quality and reduce stress levels. Some even say that they can cure insomnia.

To be honest, no scientific research has found any side effects of using copper pillows. The reality is quite the opposite. Using copper pillows in the long term has reported benefits only. Our studies on user experiences found a few incidents where the user experienced something bad. The point to be noted here, these were not overall user experiences. These were user-specific experiences that may not happen in your case.

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Allergy: Some people can be affected by copper allergy. This does not happen often, but we have found a few incidents where the user has experienced it. This does not mainly occur because of the copper pillow. Copper-allergic people can get affected by using copper jewelry as well. It starts with the blackening of the skin and eventually starts itching, which is common in all forms of allergies.

Acne: Copper pillows are known as safe for people with acne. The most important part is to keep your copper pillow clear enough, so it does not contain any sweat and dirt.

Extra fluffy: One customer reported his copper pillow to be extra fluffy. After removing the extra fluff, he found it comfortable.

Not enough loft: Despite the fluffiness of these pillows, one customer reported that he was not getting enough lost and was waking up because of pain in the neck.

Firmness: One incident reported losing firmness after two weeks.

Packing: A few users reported the delivered product was loosely packed. Maybe it is because of keeping the fluffiness intact.

Finally, We will keep a close eye on future user experiences and keep this post updated if we find anything negative about copper pillows.


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