Does Nutrafol Side Effects Include Weight Gain?

November 1, 2022
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It is a debatable topic whether Nutrafol side effects include weight gain or not. A number of people use Nutrafol for years without experiencing any weight gain. There is, however, a slight possibility that Nutrafol supplements could affect your weight. Among the customer reviews given on the internet, there is occasional mention of Nutrafol affecting users’ weight. One thing to mention here, not every user will leave reviews. So, there are chances that others might have seen changes in their weight as well.

So, we can definitely say weight gain is one of the least commonly reported side effects of Nutrafol. But, interestingly, there are a number of people who say the exact opposite. They claimed Nutrafol actually caused them weight loss.

Nutrafol doesn’t mention weight gain or loss in their product side effects. It is true, however, that Nutrafol affects everyone in slightly different ways.

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Considering the number of different ingredients that Nutrafol has, people can experience different results. Because we have differences in our metabolism, hormones, and other health factors. The ingredients in Nutrafol are all intended to promote healthy hair growth, but one of them may affect your weight.

So, let’s have a look at the Nutrafol supplement’s natural ingredients to see what can affect your weight. It will be interesting to see if any Nutrafol ingredients can cause weight gain.

Nutrafol Ingredients That Can Cause Weight Gain

Vitamin A

Nutrafol’s label prominently displays Vitamin A. The purpose of this vitamin is to provide energy for the growth of cells. Vitamin A often turns into fat cells when it isn’t needed for that. Nutrafol supplements contain more Vitamin A than a day’s worth.

Vitamin D

Another vitamin from Nutrafol that may cause weight gain is Vitamin D. This vitamin helps to make your bone stronger and increase calcium which can add something extra to your weight.


Zinc is another ingredient in Nutrafol, which is an interesting one. Plenty of zinc can increase your weight. The ingredient label implied that it has the right amount of zinc that may not add extra weight to your body. But it completely depends on how your body responds to that.

Palmetto and Ashwagandha

There are differences in opinion about palmetto and ashwagandha. For example, some people reported weight gain after having ashwagandha, while others reported the exact opposite; weight loss. In contrast, only a few people claimed they gained weight after having palmetto.


We can draw a balanced conclusion here. Nutrafol supplement is capable of weight loss in one person while it can cause weight gain in someone else. It solely depends on how the user’s body responds to its ingredients.

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