Why My Bamboo Pillow is Hard and How to Soften It?

December 14, 2022
3 min read

There could be a few reasons why your bamboo pillow is hard. One possible reason is that it is made of memory foam, a type of material known for being firm and supportive. Memory foam can sometimes feel hard at first, but it will soften over time as it conforms to your head and neck shape.

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Another reason your bamboo pillow might be hard is that it needs to be properly broken. Bamboo pillows, like many other types of pillows, can become more comfortable with use. So if you’ve just purchased your pillow or have only used it a few times, it may still be in its firmer, “brand new” state.

Additionally, the firmness of your bamboo pillow can be affected by the temperature and humidity of your sleeping environment. Memory foam, in particular, can become harder in cold temperatures and softer in warm temperatures. So if you live in a cold climate or your bedroom is particularly chilly at night, this could contribute to your bamboo pillow’s hardness.

You can follow a few tips if you still find your bamboo pillow too hard and want to soften it up quickly.

  1. Fluff the pillow regularly: Bamboo pillows tend to flatten over time, making them feel harder. Fluffing the pillow can help restore its shape and make it feel softer. Fluff the pillow by hand or using a pillow fluffer or tennis ball. This will help to evenly distribute the filling and provide a more comfortable sleeping surface.
  2. Use a pillowcase: A pillowcase can help protect the pillow and keep it clean, but it can also help soften it up. A pillowcase made of soft, breathable materials, such as cotton or bamboo, can help make the pillow feel less firm.
  3. Add an extra pillow: If the bamboo pillow is too firm, adding an extra pillow can help provide more cushioning and support. This can help make the bamboo pillow feel softer and more comfortable.
  4. Try a different fill: Bamboo pillows are typically filled with shredded memory foam, but some people may find this too firm. Consider trying a different fill, such as down or polyester, which can provide a softer, more plush feel.
  5. Try a different firmness level: Bamboo pillows come in different firmness levels, so if the one you have is too firm, consider trying a softer one. This can provide the right balance of support and comfort for your needs.

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